PPHR is based in the Graduate Programs Building (Annex 3 of the Institute of the Human and Social Sciences, Seropédica campus). Due to its multi-campus nature, the Program’s faculty and students can use the libraries, study and meeting rooms, and auditorium available in the Seropédica campus, in the Multidisciplinary Institute (Nova Iguaçu), and in CPDA (in the center of Rio de Janeiro).

Resources from funding agencies have allowed the Program’s infrastructure to be improved, ranging from the renewal of furniture to the acquisition of equipment – computers, notebooks, printers, scanner, external HDs, digital recorders and cameras.  Financial support has been obtained through individual projects of faculty members (APq1 – FAPERJ; Call for Universal and Human Sciences – CNPq; PQ – CNPq), as well as collective ones (Pensa Rio Program – FAPERJ; Pró-equipamentos – CAPES; CT- INFRA – FINEP; PROCAD – CAPES).


Documentation Center Infrastructure:

PPHR has two documentation centers: CEDOC and CEDIM.

The Documentation Center (CEDOC) located in Seropédica campus, has a Scanner/Reader; nine computers; two microfilm readers; and an A3 printer for the Scanner.

CEDOC has established partnerships with the National Library (for the digitalization of the collection and the reproduction of microfilms) and notarial archives from the region. Its collection holds microfilmed periodicals and documents in a digital format containing ecclesiastical birth and death records from Itaguaí and Seropédica, from the end of the eighteenth century to the nineteenth. This documentation will be made available in the University’s Digital Repository (RIMA) – a project involving researchers in History and Computing Science aiming at consolidating UFRRJ as a center of reference in the digitalization, provision, and computational analysis of collections of historical, institutional, and scientific relevance. It should be noted that RIMA received funding from FINEP (Call CT-Infra, 2018).

Among the equipment available in the Center of Documentation and Image (CEDIM), located in the Multidisciplinary Institute of UFRRJ are: eight desktop computers; three notebooks; a A4 format table scanner; a A3 table scanner; a COPIBOOK planetary scanner for the digitalization of large formats; four digital recorders for interviews; two digital cameras to record interviews and workshops; and external HD’s for the backup of the collection.

Through the generation and provision of digital collections, CEDIM has favored the democratization of access to production and the circulation of historical knowledge, especially in relation to the History of the Baixada Fluminense region.



UFRRJ’s Central Library (BC) occupies a three floor building in Seropédica campus, beside the institution’s principal building. In 2019, a new complex was opened to house the Central Library: two buildings with two floors each, with a total area of more than 5,000 m2, containing reading rooms, a Multimedia Room, and an Auditorium. The Central Library also has a planetary scanner with access for its users.

In addition to the Central Library, UFRRJ has other libraries, such as those located in the Multidisciplinary Institute and in CPDA (Ivan de Otero Ribeiro Center of Documentation). The bibliographic collection in the Humanities area has expanded exponentially, due to the obtaining of funding  (around R$450,000.00) and the donation of private collections to PPHR (the collection of Prof. Manoel Luiz Salgado Guimarães formerly a professor in UFRJ and UERJ).


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