International Cooperation Networks


PPHR faculty have worked in international projects and networks connecting researchers linked to institutions from Europe (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy), Latin America (Argentina, Columbia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru), Asia (India and Japan), the United States, and Canada.

Among the international partnerships are three international cooperation agreements signed by UFRRJ in which PPHR faculty have been leaders or collaborators: with Duke University/US; with Université de Paris/France, and with Universidad Nacional de General San Martín/Argentina.

I-         International Cooperation Agreements

  • Agreement between Duke University (US) and UFRRJ. Project: “The Cost of Opportunity: Higher Education in the Baixada Fluminense”.

External collaborator: John David French (Duke University).

International funding: Bass Connections, Duke Brazil Initiative, The Global Brazil Lab/ Franklin Humanities Institute.

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  • “Cooperation agreement between Université Paris Diderot” (now called Université de Paris) and UFRRJ. The agreement seeks collaboration in areas of common interest in History and the Human and Social Sciences.

External participants: Gabrielle Houbre (PluriGenre – Pluridisciplinarité du Genre/Institut des Humanités de Paris/Université de Paris); Dominique Godineau (Université Rennes 2).


  • Agreement between UFRRJ and Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina)

International collaboration project: Research Group “Gender and Social History” and NEPHS (UFRRJ). One of the results of the project was the impulse to formalize the institutional collaboration between UFRRJ and Universidad Nacional de San Martín, in December 2017.

External participants: Andrea Andújar (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Florencia Gutiérrez, Valeria Silvina Pita (Universidade de Buenos Aires), Cristiana Schettini (Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina).

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II – Staff who participate in international research networks:

III- Staff who have carried out technical visits or research missions in foreign institutions:

III- Staff who work as visiting professors or who have done post-doctoral work abroad:

IV- Some publications abroad:

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