The digitalization project for the historical archives of the Metropolitan Curia of Nova Iguaçu submitted by CEDIM-UFRRJ was awarded funding from the Modern Endangered Archives Program, coordinated by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

It will be carried out in partnership with the University of Citizenship and Memov (Program of the Memory of Social Movements), both connected to the Forum of Science and Culture of UFRJ.

It involves the consolidation of the work of the preservation and making available of this fundamental archive for historical research about Baixada Fluminense, especially about resistance to the Military Dictatorship and the role of social movements in the redemocratization process, started by CEDIM a few years.

Partner institutions will develop an oral history project parallel to the digitalization process of collectives. The digital collections created will be available both in RIMA, the institutional repository of UFRRJ, and the site of UCLA Library, greatly expanding the repercussion of the results obtained.

Winning a highly competitive call is a great achievement. Other projects awarded funding in the same call concerned historical collections in Kenya, Peru, Lesotho, Indonesia, the Lebannon, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Mali, Argentina, Sudan, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Project: “Digitization of the Diocesan Curia of Nova Iguaçu’s Archive”.

Leaders: Alexandre Fortes and Jean Rodrigues Sales (PPHR – UFRRJ).


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