PPHR intends to produce qualified professionals for the production and dissemination of historical knowledge and the practice of historiographical research for multiple social uses, such as Higher Education, Basic Education, tourism, and cultural production, in various spaces including schools, universities, museums, archives, libraries, councils, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and public and private scientific or cultural institutions.

Master’s and doctoral graduates from PPHR have worked as teachers in basic education, taught in public or private universities, or become technical and administrative staff, amongst other forms of professional insertion.

Some of the Program’s graduates have received awards for their theses and dissertations, of have had the latter published. Some were written based on the collections in the documentation centers linked to PPHR (CEDOC and CEDIM).  Generally speaking, the theses and dissertations completed have covered various themes, reflecting the amplitude of chronologies, objects, and contexts covered by the Program’s research lines.

(Discover some of the trajectories of PPHR graduates).

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