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National collaboration networks:

Since its foundation, the Program has had relationships with important researchers and research groups in Brazil involving collective projects. A PPHR networked project received funding from CAPES PROCAD/Casadinho, the result of a partnership between researchers from PPHR/UFRRJ and UFRGS. Currently, among the national exchanges, Program faculty are members of research teams supported by PRONEX (CAPES/FAPERJ’s Support Program for Groups of Excellence) and other networked projects:


  • “The paths of politics in the Brazilian Empire” (PRONEX), leader: Lúcia Maria Bastos Pereira das Neves (UERJ).

PPHR faculty: Marcello Basile and Adriana Barreto de Souza.


  • “(Trans)National History: perspectives and connections” (PRONEX), leader: Jorge Ferreira (UFF).

PPHR faculty: Collaborators: Surama Pinto and Fábio Koifman.


  • “Post-Abolition Figures: trajectories and meanings of liberty in Republican Brazil” (Call 013/2015, Brazilian Memories – Biographies – CAPES) coordinated by Martha Abreu (UFF). Collaborator:  Álvaro Nascimento.


  • “Intellectual biographies: trajectories of pioneering researchers in Brazilian historical studies” (Brazilian Memories – Biographies – CAPES), coordinator: Diogo da Silva Roiz (UEMS). Collaborator: Rebeca Gontijo.


  • “Brazilian and its memories: indigenous peoples in the national formation,” coordinated by João Pacheco de Oliveira (Museu Nacional/UFRJ). Collaborator: Vânia Maria Losada Moreira.


PPHR faculty members also work with laboratories and research groups based in different Brazilian institutions:

  • Laboratory of Labor History Studies (LEMT), based in UFRJ. Collaborator: Jean Rodrigues Sales.
  • INCT – REDE PROPRIETAS (Social History of Properties and Rights of Access), based in UFF. Collaborator: Mônica de Souza Martins.
  • Employers and Dictatorship in Brazil Research Group, a joint initiative with the Laboratory of Economics and History of UFRRJ (LEHI). Collaborator: Pedro Henrique Campos.
  • History of Crime, Police, and Criminal Justice, based in UFRJ. Collaborator: Felipe Magalhães.
  • “The Ancien Regime in the Tropics (ART): Center of Studies of Imperial Dynamics in the Portuguese World, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century,” based in UFRJ. Leader: Roberto Guedes Ferreira; Collaborator: Mônica Ribeiro.
  • History of Slavery and Indigenous History Research Group (GEHEI), coordinator: Roberto Guedes Ferreira.
  • “Justices and Iberian Empire of the Ancien Regime – JIIAR” (based in UFF). Collaborator: Mônica Ribeiro.
  • Laboratory of Regional History of Espírito Santo and Atlantic Connections, based in UFES. Collaborator: Vânia Maria Losada Moreira.
  • Research Laboratory in Atlantic Connections (PUC-Rio): Collaborator: Fabiane Popinigis.
  • Mundus Novus: Modern and Contemporary History Research Group (UFV/UFRRJ). Leader: Yllan de Mattos.
  • Sapientia: Medieval and Early Modern Research Group (based in UFG). Collaborator: Yllan de Mattos.
  • @History of the Americas: sources and historiography” (UFOP/CNPq) and “LAméricas: Studies and research in the History of Colonial America” (UFMT/CNPq). Collaborator: Luís Guilherme Assis Kalil .
  • Red Columnaria (UFF, UNIFESP) and the Project “Thinking about Goa: a peculiar library in Portuguese.” Collaborator: Patricia Souza de Faria.
  • Network of History of Law (IEB/USP). Collaborator: Adriana Barreto de Souza.
  • Workshops of History (UERJ), Collaborator: Rebeca Gontijo.
  • Images of Death: death and dying in the Ibero-American World (UNIRIO); Laboratory of Studies of Differences and Social Inequalities (LEDDES – UERJ); Gender, Experience, and Subjectivities (UNICAMP); Education in Human Rights (UFABC). Collaborator: Fábio Henrique Lopes.
  • Textual Criticism Group of the National Library Foundation. Collaborator: Marcos José de Araújo Caldas.
  • Center of Nietzschean Studies (CRIM), Based in: UNICAMP. Collaborator: José Nicolao Julião.

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