The Graduate Program in History (PPHR) is a fulltime program created by members of the faculty in UFRRJ’s different campuses (Seropédica and Nova Iguaçu) and is aimed at producing high quality graduate teaching and research in History. PPHR’s students come from both municipalities near the university and elsewhere in Brazil. It has already received more than 25 post-doctoral researchers on internships, many of whom were afterwards successful in public competitions and are now working as university professors. It has also received senior professors from other Brazilian institutions.

PPHR was created in 2008 with the Master’s course. In 2014 the Doctoral course began. Awarded a mark of 5 by the Brazilian program of excellence (on a scale of 3 – 7), PPHR has granted more than 260 master’s and doctorates and increasingly seeks to ally academic quality and the transmission of historiographic knowledge.

The Program’s area of concentration is “Relations of Power and Culture” and has two research lines: “Relations of Power, Language, and Intellectual History” and “Relations of Power, Labor, and Cultural Practices.”

It has two well equipped documentation centers (CEDIM and CEDOC) which operate as research and further education laboratories (with a strong social impact on the Baixada Fluminense region of Rio de Janeiro). PPHR also has 13 research groups covering a plurality of themes, approaches, geographies, and temporalities. This diversity is organized in a coherent and integrated manner within both research lines.

Its faculty consists of 29 professors, all with doctorates from either the main universities in Brazil (UFF, UFRJ, UNICAMP, USP) or abroad (Universität Bonn and Technische Universität Berlin). A significant part of the faculty have done post-doctorates or doctoral internships in foreign universities, including: Duke University (US); Bielefeld Universität and Leipzig Universität (Germany); University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa (AL); Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Universidad de Sant Martin (Argentina); Stanford University; École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris); Université Paris – Diderot; Université Paris IV- Sorbonne; Université de Borgogne; Universidade do Minho; ISCTE, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa; Universidade de Lisboa; Universidade de Évora; and Essex University (UK).

The faculty participate in Brazilian and international research networks and programs, through various types of scientific collaboration, such as publications, events, and cooperation agreements, for example, the partnerships with Duke University (United States), Université de Paris (France), and Universidade Nacional de General San Martín (Argentina).

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