03/20/2018 – Characterization and classification of soils with anthropic horizon in the south of the state of Rondonia – Rafael de Souza Cavassani (Master’s degree)

02/28/2018 – Digital mapping of carbon stocks and grain size fractions of soils in Central Amazonia and soil density loss in Brazil – Andréa da Silva Gomes (Doctorate)

02/28/2018 – Contribution of transporter OsRNT2.4 for nitrate uptake and modulation of root architeture in rice under low nitrogen availability – Andressa Fabiane Faria de Souza (Master’s degree)

02/24/2018 – Phytoliths as paleoenvironmental records in moutains highlands soils environment in the State of Espírito Santo – Eduardo Carvalho da Silva Neto (Master’s degree)

02/23/2018 – Evaluation of soil attributes under different types of preparation and use of cover crops in organic production systems – Dérique Biassi (Mestrado)

02/23/2018 – Rhizobium-Bradyrhizobium coinoculation and its effects on the development, nodulation and biological fixation of nitrogen in common bean – Rafael de Almeida Leite (Master’s degree)

02/22/2018 – Development of polymeric formulations for bean cowpea inoculation wtih Bradyrhizobium pachyrhizi strain BR 3262 – Vinício Oliosi Favero (Master’s degree)

02/21/2018 – Deposition and decomposition of the litter in Brachiaria (Urochloa brizantha) pastures in monoculture and intercropped with forage legumes – Israel Oliveira Ramalho (Mestrado)

02/20/2018 – Effects of Dark septate fungi on efficiency of nitrogen sources in rice and tomato and expression of PM H+-ATPase isoforms and NO-3 transporters in rice plants – Carlos Vergara Torres Júnior (Doctorate)


08/18/2017 – Taxonomic criteria for spodic B horizon by the Brazilian Soil Classification System: revision and extension of nomenclature and definitions – Andressa Rosas de Menezes (Master’s degree)

07/20/2017 – Inoculation of diazotrophic bacteria in sugarcane: influence on productivity, nutrient accumulation and 15N isotopic distribuition in plant – Doãn Sperandio Martins (Master’s degree)

07/11/2017 – Pre-sprouted sugarcane seedlings inoculated with diazotrophic bacteria: development and metabolism of nitrogen – Silvana Gomes dos Santos (Doctorate)

06/28/2017 – Evaluation of phosphated organomineral fertilizer produced with chicken bed and soil phosphorus losses in west of Bahia – Jerusa Maia e Sá (Doctorate)

04/11/2017 – Development of bioprocesses for the production of sugarcane inoculant through co-cultivation of the species Herbaspirillum seropedicae BR11335 e H. rubrisubalbicans BR11504 – Priscila Pereira Bahia (Master’s degree)

03/30/2017 – Inoculation of the strain Sp 245 os Azospirillum Brasiliense in diferents genotypes of Brachiaria – Liliandra Barreto Emídio Gomes (Master’s degree)

02/24/2017 – Efficiency of different interpolators in the mapping of physical hidric soils attributes in an area of agroecological production  – Martin de Oliveira Freire (Doctorate)

02/23/2017 – Nodulation and development of caupi bean as a function of liming and different doses of P and Mo – Fernanda Santana de Paulo (Doctorate)

02/23/2017 – Phylogeny of rhizobia of common bean based on 16S rRNA sequencing and in the analysis of multilocus sequencing – Thiago Gonçalves Ribeiro (Master’s degree)

02/22/2017 – Ecology and taxonomy of rhizobia of Mimosa spp. from Brazil: diversity and interaction with its hosts from differents biomes – Alexandre Cardoso Baraúna (Doctorate)

02/22/2017 – Spatial temporal analysis and prediction of soil atributtes in Seropédica – RJ – Hugo Hermsdorff das Neves (Doctorate)

22/02/2017 – Morfological, physiological and transcriptome characteristics in varieties rice (Oryza sativa L.) contrasting about the water stress tolerance – Leandro Martins Ferreira (Doutorado)

02/21/2017 – Evaluation of areas with soil contamination history in the Ipanema National Forest, SP – Rafael Nogueira Scoriza (Doctorate)

02/17/2017 – Absorption of nitrate and ammonium in sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) genotypes inoculated or not diazotrophic bacteria – Danilo Augusto Silvestre (Master’s degree)

02/17/2017 – Isolation, characterization an selection of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in Paspalum‘s genotypes – Mayan Blanc Amaral (Mestrado)

02/16/2017 – Efficiency of nitrogen recovery by sugarcane in function of nitrogen fertilization of planting and inoculation with promoting bacteria of plant growth – Willian Pereira (Doctorate)

02/15/2017 – Production of millicomposts and their utilization as substrate for the production of lettuce seedlings – Luiz Fernando de Souza Antunes (Master’s degree)

02/14/2017 – Description of new species of Bradyrhizobium isolated from Centrolobium paraense – Daniele Cabral Michel (Master’s degree)


09/30/2016 – Multivariate analysis of repeated measures of ammonia volatilization of homogeneous mixtures at the pastille form of urea with sulfur and zinc sources – Heraldo Namorato de Souza (Doctorate)

08/31/2016 – An experimental model to evaluate the soil quality and technical and economic viability of an intensive organic production system of vegetables – Maria Gabriela Ferreira da Mata (Doctorate)

08/31/2016 – Adjustment at the factor C of the RUSLE and temporal evaluation of the cover and soil loss estimated at the hydrographic basin in Palmares-Ribeirão do Saco/Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil – Pietro Menezes Sanchez Macedo (Master’s degree)

08/29/2016 – Factors of transference of trace elements from soil to cauliflower plants (Brassica oleracea var botrytis) grown in the municipality of Nova Friburgo-RJ – Talita de Santana Matos (Doctorate)

08/17/2016 – Chemical and structural characterization of humic acids in soils of three management systems – Ernane Tarcisio Martins Gomes (Master’s degree)

06/16/2016 – Stocks of C and N and nitrous oxide emissions under vegetation cover of Brachiaria brizantha pasture and forest in Itabela (BA) – Camila Almeida dos Santos (Master’s degree)

06/02/2016 – Soil characterization and evaluation of agricultural potential of the regions producing fine wines in Santa Catarina altitude – Denilson Dortzbach (Doctorate)

02/29/2016 – Structural characterization of soil organic matter, glomalin and humic substances from different environments and backgrounds – Luiz Gilberto Ambrósio de Souza (Master’s degree)

02/26/2016 – Space temporal evolution of the land use and the susceptibility of Angra dos Reis municipality to landslides – Ana Carolina de Souza Ferreira (Master’s degree)

02/26/2016 – Contribution of diazotrophs in growth Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu – Leonardo dos Santos Oliveira Shockness – (Master’s degree)

02/26/2016 – N2O emissions in different cultures succesion in two systems of soil preparation for soybean production – Rafael Cassador Monteiro (Master’s degree)

02/26/2016 – Evaluation of the effect of overexpression of the Osdof25 transcription factor about metabolism and root development of rice – Renan Pinto Braga (Master’s degree)

02/25/2016 – Tree leguminous plant: interference in the vegetable succession and soil ecology in Atlantic Forest area – Khadidja Dantas Rocha de Lima (Doctorate)

02/25/2016 – Histosols: bulk density pedotransfer functions, evaluation of subsidence rate, and carbon stocks – Sidinei Júlio Beutler (Doctorate)

02/24/2016 – Analysis of sources of uncertainty in soil spatial modeling – Alessandro Samuel Rosa (Doctorate)

02/22/2016 – Evaluation of nitrogen fertilizers based on granulated urea with humic acids and zeolite – Gabriela Cemirames de Sousa Gurgel (Doctorate)

02/22/2016 – Effects of N fertilizers use on organic matter fractions in unburned sugarcane with straw deposition – Shirlei Almeida Assunção (Master’s degree)

02/18/2016 – Identification, quantification and inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the sugarcane production system – Rosalba Ortega Fors (Master’s degree)

02/04/2016 – Co-inoculation of rhizobia and plant growth promoting bacteria in common bean – Rennan do Amaral Bastos (Master’s degree)


12/03/2015 – Use of 15 N natural abundance in studies with organic fertilizers – Caio de Teves Inácio (Doctorate)

08/27/2015 – Heavy metals in soils representative of the main agricultural regions of Cuba: reference values, geochemistry and variability of factors – Yusimí Pérez López (Doctorate)

08/26/2015 – Heavy metals in a Typic Hapludox fertilized wtih pig slurry, under phytomass reoval intensities, in Campos Novos – SC – João Antônio Montibeller Furtado e Silva (Master’s degree)

08/26/2015 – Relationships between soil attributes and the invasive vegetation to indicate practices for reforestation in soils of “Mar de Morros” – Maurílio de Faria Vieira Júnior (Master degree)

07/30/2015 – Digital mapping techniques applied to predict soil classes and attributes in the Guapi-Macacu watershed, RJ – Helena Saraiva Koenow Pinheiro (Doctorate)

05/27/2015 – Mesofauna organisms and management of green manuring – Luiz Rodrigues Freire (Doctorate)

05/25/2015 – Initial Ricinus communis L. development with substrates castor pie and drill cuttings of oil wells – Thiago Ouverney Leite (Master’s degree)

02/26/2015 – Assay as ecotoxicological aid in determination of guiding values for copper and lead – Bruna Faria Simões (Master’s degree)

02/26/2015 – Digital soil mapping by multiple logistic regression in the Mar de Morros environment, Pinheiral, RJ – Elias Mendes Costa (Master’s degree)

02/26/2015 – Gene expression analysis of OsNRT1.1 (A, B, C) and effects of downregulation of PM H+-ATPase isoforms OsA2 and OsA7 in the nitrogen uptake in rice – Marcus Vinícius Loss Sperandio (Doctorate)

02/25/2015 – Selection of mesoamerican and andean common bean genotypes in response to rhizobial inoculation – Adriano Moreira Knupp (Doctorate)

02/25/2015 – Uses of the procrustean statistical approach in soil ecology: a case of study involving an integrated agroecosystem in brazilian savannah – Francy Junio Gonçalves Lisboa (Doctorate)

02/25/2015 – Histosols: morphology, physical and chemical attributes, and carbon and nitrogen isotopic natural abundance – Paula Fernanda Chaves Soares (Doctorate)

02/24/2015 – Influence of time of nitrogen application on growth and yieldof common been inoculated with rhizobia – Bárbara Cavalheiro Zoffoli (Master’s degree)

02/23/2015 – Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and organic matter in a module of intensive organic vegetable production – Livia Bischof Pian (Master’s degree)

02/23/2015 – Hidric erosion and water infiltration into the soil in cropping systems under simulated rainfall – Wilk Sampaio de Almeida (Master’s degree)

02/20/2015 – Carbon storage and edaphic attributes in areas of rubber tree plantation, forest and pasture in the State of Rio de Janeiro – Anderson Ribeiro Diniz (Doctorate)

02/12/2015 – Influence of the OSAAP1 and OSAAP18 amino acids transporters on the crude protein acumulation and N remobilization in rice plants – Cassia Pereira Coelho (Doctorate)

01/07/2015 – Symbiotic efficiency of rhizobia strains inoculated in the culture of cowpea with emphasis on the midwest region from Brazil – Elson Barbosa da Silva Júnior (Doctorate)


11/21/2014 – Arbuscular mychorrizal fungi in the Caatinga: ecology and characterization of the community structure of AMF according to variation in vegetation – Camila Pinheiro nobre (Doctorate)

09/11/2014 – Sorption of zinc, cadmium, copper and lead in histosols – Izabella Bezerra Coutinho (Master’s degree)

08/19/2014 – Biological nitrogen fixation in common bean cultivars estimated by 15 N natural abundance – Rafael Sanches Pacheco (Doctorate)

05/30/2014 – Transporter OsMT1.3 gene silencing by miRNA and its effects in the ammonium efficiency uptake (Oryza sativa L.) – Marcela Jacques de Lemos Neves (Master’s degree)

05/29/2014 – Kinetics of absorption of nitrate and ammonium and production of grain and oil of sunflower at different levels of nitrogen and boron – Luiziene Soares Alves (Master’s degree)

03/31/2014 – Reference values of quality and adsorption of heavy metals in soils of the region of the middle Paraíba – RJ – Amanda Guimarães de Mattos (Master’s degree)

03/28/2014 – Initial growth and accumulation of nutrients in three varieties of sugar cane inoculated with diazotrophic bacteria – Valfredo Almeida Chaves (Master’s degree)

03/20/2014 – Genesis, characterization and comparison of analytical methods for calcareous soils from group Bambuí, in the State of Tocantins – Deyvid Diego Carvalho Maranhão (Master’s degree)

02/28/2014 – Quantification of emissions of greenhouse gases from swine manure and influence of soil and climatic variables – Fernando Zuchello (Doctorate)

02/28/2014 – Management strategies gravel coming from oil well drill – Jair Guedes do Nascimento (Doctorate)

02/28/2014 – Characterization of productive potential and the relationship between productivity and crude protein content of grains of local rice varieties – Osmário José Lima de Araújo (Doctorate)

02/27/2014 – Isolation and selection of diazotrophic bacteria in rice cultivars recommended for cropping in the Rio de Janeiro State – Esdras da Silva (Master’s degree)

02/27/2014 – Nutrition and fertilization of Jathopha curcas L. and Crambe abyssinica H. – Fabiano Barbosa de Souza Prates – (Doctorate)

02/26/2014 – Microorganisms as indicators of changes in soils use under crop-farming integration system – Helen Botelho Marota (Master’s degree)

02/26/2014 – Basis for definition of urea doses in greenhouse experiments and evaluation of nitrogen fertilizers based on urea added humic substances and zeolite – Anderson Claiton Ferrai (Master’s degree)

02/26/2014 – Soil quality in agroforestry systems in Mata Altlântica – Patricia Dias Tavares (Master’s degree)

02/26/2014 – Morphology, root architecture and nitrogen metabolism in rice varieties under low ammonium availability – Rafael Passos Rangel (Master’s degree)

02/25/2014 – Expression of cytokinins in roots oxidases alters rice root morphology and increases efficiency of nutrient acquisition – Flávia Caldeira do Nascimento (Master’s degree)

02/25/2014 – Edaphic and agronomic attributes in integrated crop-livestock system under grazing intensities and no tillage in the Cerrado of Goiás – Wanderlei Bieluczyk (Master’s degree)

02/24/2014 – Efficiency of inoculation of Herbaspirillum seropedicae ZAE94 strain in two genotypes of maize (Zea mays) – Farley Alexandre da Fonseca Breda (Master’s degree)

02/24/2014 – Production, profile and identification cellulases and hemicelulases  by  Kitasatospora sp. – Samuel Ribeiro Passos (Doctorate)

02/24/2014 – Potential of dark septate endophytes fungi to colonize and to reduce the effects of water stress in rice plants – Silvana Gomes dos Santos (Master’s degree)

02/21/2014 – Differential DNA methylation and nitrogen metabolism in rice plants submitted to high and low nitrate availability – Leilson Novaes Arruda (Master’s degree)

02/20/2014 – Influence of dark septate endophyte fungi on nutrient uptake and growth of rice and tomato plants – Carlos Vergara Torres Júnior (Master’s Degree)

02/18/2014 – Pedotransfer functions to estimate soil bulk density for soils in the Solimões Basin, under Amazon Tropical Forest – Andréa da Silva Gomes (Master’s degree)

02/13/2014 – Effect of harvest management and tillage system on soil attributes of an Ultisol and productivity of ratoon cane in Linhares (ES) – Iara Maria Lopes (Master’s degree)

02/12/2014 – Effect of salinity of the fluid for oil drill cutting in sunflower cultivation – Rafael Antonio Presotto (Master’s degree)


12/27/2013 – Digital mapping of physical and chemical attributes of soils in theKeller peninsula –King George Island – Maritime Antarctica – André Geraldo de Lima Moraes (Master’s degree)

11/26/2013 – Humified solid fractions from vermicompost: effects on plants and capacity to retain heavy metals – Andrés Calderín García (Doctorate)

08/29/2013 – Digital mapping of soil form the Solimões Formation in the Amazon rainforest – André Luis Oliveira Villela (Doctorate)

08/19/2013 – Pedological characterization and soil genesis in two toposequences in karst environment of Serra da Bodoquena (MS) – Marlen Barros e Silva (Doctorate)

04/30/2013 – Emissions of NH3 and N2O from organic compost and other sources of nitrogen applied in production system beet and lettuce – Silvio da Silva Santos (Master’s degree)

04/26/2013 – Effect of application of drill cuttings from oil well in the development of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) – Michel Miranda de Carvalho (Master’s degree)

04/22/2013 – Socioeconomic, edaphic and productive characteristics of areas cultivated with sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) in Paraty – Giovane Leal de Souza Silva (Master’s degree)

03/05/2013 – Organic matter and soil chemical and physical properties in a chronosequence of agricultural under no-tillage in the Cerrado of Goiás – Roni Fernandes Guareschi (Doctorate)

03/04/2013 – Influence of the treatment of dry waste from drilling of oil wells in the development of rice plants (Oryza sativa) – Leilane da Silva Lima (Master’s degree)

02/28/2013 – Production of oil and metabolical evaluation of genotypes of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) under different managements and nitrogen doses – Janiélio Gonçalves da Rocha (Master’s degree)

02/28/2013 – Involvement of EnvZ enzyme in osmotolerance and biological nitrogen fixation processes – José Rodrigo da Silva (Master’s degree)

02/28/2013 – Potential of a Cuban ecosystem contaminated with heavy metals to a proposal recovery – Sael Sánchez Elías (Doctorate)

02/27/2013 – Edaphic attributes and nitrogen fertilizitation in sugarcane on coastal tableland region: response to harvesting system with and without previous burning of straw – Ana Paula Pessim de Oliveira (Doctorate)

02/27/2013 – Nodulation and development of cowpea bean under different dosages of P, Co and Mo – Fernanda Santana de Paulo (Master’s degree)

02/27/2013 – Ecotoxicological assays as a tool for environmental impact assessment of mining waste on soil – Miriam de Oliveira Bianchi (Doctorate)

20/27/2013 – Impact of leguminous green manure presence on organic carbon and nitrogen accumulation in soil crop in rotation systems under no-tillage managed system – Natalia Pereira Zatorre (Doctorate)

02/27/2013 – Utilization of different techniques to monitor the colonization and establishment of endophytic diazotrophic bacteria in sugarcane plants – Paulo Marcos Fernandes Boa Sorte (Doctorate)

02/27/2013 – Growth analysis of cane sugar inoculated with diazotrophs and nitrogen fertilization – Renan Pedula Oliveira (Master’s degree)

02/26/2013 – Soil organic matter and organic phosphorus in a chronosequence of sugar cane crop in the Cerrado – Celeste Queiroz Rossi (Doctorate)

02/26/2013 – Functional characterization of the ammonium transporter OsAMT1.3 and its effect on nitrogen nutrition in rice plants – Leandro Martins Ferreira (Master’s degree)

02/26/2013 – Leaf development and senescence of common bean cultivars at different supplies of nitrogen and phosphorus – Patrick Gesualdi Haim (Doctorate)

02/25/2013 – Genesis and classification of soils in carstic environment of the Chapada do Apodi – Edilene Pereira Ferreira (Master’s degree)

02/25/2013 – Initiation of Nodulation in Common Bean Cultivars – Luciana Fernandes de Brito (Master’s degree)

02/25/2013 – Morphological, physiological and biochemical responses of physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) accessions submitted to NaCl stress – Maicon Wandermaz dos Santos (Master’s degree)

02/25/2013 – Balance of greenhouse gases in a sugarcane production area – Selenobaldo Alexinaldo Cabral de Sant’Anna (Doctorate)

02/22/2013 – Chemical characterization of drill cuttings from oil wells and their effects on plants and in the soil exchangeable bases – Fábio Cardoso de Freitas (Doctorate)

20/21/2013 – Volatilization losses of N‑NH3 and evaluation of nitrogen fertilizer containing micronutrients in maize (Zea mays) – Juliano Stafanato Bahiense (Doctorate)

02/19/2013 – Influence of intensity of land use in the vicinity of forest fragments on characteristics of soil aggregation basin Guapi-Macacu (RJ) – Renato Valadares de Sousa Moreira (Master’s degree)

02/18/2013 – Irrigation management on the fig trees (Ficus carica L.) using the soil water balance – Irineu Pedro de Sousa Andrade (Master’s degree)

02/05/2013 – Water erosion in watershed using geotecnology – Valter dos Santos Marques (Doctorate)


03/30/2012 – Digital soil mapping by artificial neural network of the Guapi-Macacu watershed, RJ – Helena Saraiva Koenow Pinheiro (Master’s degree)

03/28/2012 – Effects of application of waste form drilling fluids and from recovery of oil well fluids in the soil, rice plants development and behavior of Eisenia fetida – Hugo Maia Machado (Master’s degree)

02/29/2012 – Environmental characterization with emphasis on soils in the North flank of the Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador – Alexandre Muselli Barbosa (Master’s degree)

02/28/2012 – Technical and economic studies of a device aimed at automation of irrigation systems from the monitoring – Selma Cristina de Oliveira Batista (Master’s degree)

02/27/2012 – Determination of erodibility and soil cover and management factor under natural and simulated rain – Eliete Nazaré Eduardo (Master’s degree)

02/13/2012 – Edaphic attributes and soil quality in agricultural areas, pature and forest fragments in the region of the Mid Paraiba do Sul Valley, Rio de Janeiro – Fernando Silva Coutinho (Master’s degree)