Research Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee on Research with Human Beings at UFRRJ (CEP-UFRRJ) prepared a script for submitting a request for evaluation of research projects and programs with human beings. The purpose of this script is to clarify and guide researchers on the procedures adopted for submission.

According to Resolution No. 466/12 and Resolution No. 510/16, all research involving human beings must be submitted to the appreciation of an Ethics in Research Committee – CEP / CONEP.

Thus, it is important to highlight that the main mission of the CEP / CONEP System is to guarantee the protection of research participants and, in view of this, the analysis of research protocols that have already started is prohibited.

Click here to access the document with updated procedures for forwarding the process to the Human Research Ethics Committee at UFRRJ.

Click on the link below to access the official page of the Research Ethics Committee at UFRuralRJ, containing all the procedures and requirements for preparing the CEP process for your research.

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