Evaluations and Statements from Students and Alumni

This page is intended to show statements by PPGEA students and alumni:

Good afternoon, Professor!

The second week of the master’s class was really beneficial and filled with fascinating debates. All classes were really interesting, with excellent teachers who introduced their knowledge and several ideas to the classroom. These discussions united us as professionals and citizens.

The class is pretty lively, the atmosphere is pleasant and all this adds up to a great week.

Until next time!”

Student: Beatriz
Social Demand Class – 2019/2

At the week of the seminar to present the pre-project, nervousness reigns among the students. The teachers were also somewhat tense. On our part, there was a lot of insecurity, fear of locking up, forgetting the topic, or disappointing the supervisor. In my view, the teachers were under pressure to contribute to the work without confusing. But things were getting bad for a while. A quick hug comes, a message saying: Stay cool and you’ll make it! A reassuring look, a little help here and there. Our exchange of energy, knowledge, and love is intense. Thank God, we were brought together by a force that brings us closer, like a magnet. I feel so good when I’m here with you guys, I don’t want to leave. You guys make me feel great! You guys excite me, encourage me, make me happy, understand me. My very sincere thanks. Thanks to PPGEA for the opportunity, to the teachers for having chosen us, and to the ‘social demand 2019/2’ friends for their warmth. Merry Christmas to everyone and a new very successful year for us! Are you ready for the qualification?

Student from Social Demand Class – 2019/2

I loved the teachers and subjects during the first week. But this time I was calmer and more accustomed to the class (which is fascinating) and the process as a whole. Teachers who had the biggest impact on me were Professor Wanderley, Professor Nadia, and Professor Sylvia’s red lipstick. Too bad the time is short. It’d be really cool if the PPGEA had a YouTube channel with a recording of the lessons and were made available to the public. I think more people would get the benefit that we had with them personally. I thought that the classes with Professors Lucilene (psychology and subjectivity), Liz (Pedagogical Trends), Liliane (Philosophy of Education), Simone (Reading and Academic Writing), Márcia (Literacy), and Gilmar (writing articles and journal submission) were important. The classes were deep and awesome. Our questions were answered, and other problems came up. Like Professor Márcia’s presentation on the projects with the vulnerable and invisible public. I was really moved by the projects that were introduced, and how the difference is in our hands and how much power we have. I was still thinking about the PPGEA the week after, and everything I saw and went through there. It was tough to get back to the daily grind. Especially the film we saw in her class, ‘The Wave’ (Die Welle), which I had already seen, but now saw the issues and reflections raised in the film. They made all the difference in my new perspective on the film. Being immersed makes all the difference. Some coworkers have already noticed the difference and constantly ask what I learned and which authors I got to know. From then on, I share everything, and this helps me relive the wonderful times I had at the program. I’m grateful for this opportunity, and counting the days for the next week.

Student: Karla Fortes
Social Demand Class – 2019/2

The second week of training, like the first, was fantastic! What an amazing experience!

The warm and pleasant welcome to the group is a really pleasant part of the weeks. One of the highlights was Prof. Gilmar and the brilliant participation of Professor Maria Lisboa.

There’s a positive rapport between the students and the teachers and staff, which makes the week really enchanting.”

Student: Renan Mota Silva
Social Demand Class – 2019-2

Good day, Professor!

First, let me share an acrostic I made yesterday on behalf of this week:

Student: “Thai”
Social Demand Class – 2019/2

We think that the master’s program at the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro is a milestone in terms of quality education, allowing us to build knowledge on a large scale. The PPGEA is a public school education with standards of excellence and which adapts to the interests of the public.

The PPGEA goes way beyond a mere master’s program. It gives us access to tools and new ways to work in Agricultural Education. The goal is to train renowned and prestigious professionals in the job market. The PPGEA trains us in fundamental skills during our studies. The teamwork and sharing ideas and experiences among colleagues, teachers, guidance counselors, and other employees who are directly or indirectly linked to the program.

It has been allowing us time to reflect, giving us a way to develop critical thinking. We are all education professionals with common interests. The Program has given us a really unique moment. We have immersed ourselves in our interests with scientific precision. It’s a unique time that has opened up paths that we couldn’t even imagine.

Students: Daniele Moura Rosa and Francielly Vieira de Brito
Social Demand Class – 2018/2

PPGEA, once and forever! Being a student of the program is being a part of it. It combines practical knowledge with scientific output and yields genuine knowledge that is needed for the lives of people, institutions, and society. It’s not about getting a master’s, but about making a difference as a person and professional with a multi-referential view and affectionate listening. Finally, an unconventional program where we learn to be, as defined by Paulo Freire, ‘an intellectual without fear of being loving, who loves people and loves the world.’

The PPGEA/UFRRJ for life! #ppgeacasodeamor

Student: Rosangela Lima de Neves Rodrigues
PPGEA Graduate – Class 2010

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