November 6th, 2018



The VI INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM IN VETERINARY SCIENCES will be held in Seropédica City on November 6th, 2018 at the Department of Animal Parasitology (room 14), Veterinary Institute, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro.

This year’s event will focus on the New trends in Veterinary Science Research. Our symposium is pleased to annually bring internationally recognized speakers to share their professional experiences. ISVS gathers graduate students and professors, especially from veterinary sciences.

Registration opens on August 06th, 2018 and closes on November 05th, 2018  (
Please be aware there are limited availability.

To submit your abstract, the first author (who is also responsible for presenting the abstract) should be previously registered at VI ISVS.



Call for Abstracts


  1. Abstracts submission
    • Abstracts submission will open on August 06th and close on September 14th
    • To submit your abstract the first author (who is also responsible for presenting the abstract) should be previously registered at VI ISVS ( All abstract submissions must be made electronically through the link . Please fill out the form and attach the abstract in a word processing file.
    • After the submission, the first author will receive an e-mail confirmation indicating that the abstract has been received. The scientific committee will then blindly review the abstracts for inclusion in the scientific program.
    • Each first author (presenting author) can submit ONLY ONE abstract.
    • Abstracts format
      1. Language: English; Abstracts should be written in clear and concise English, so that reviewers are able to focus solely on the scientific merits of the submission. We encourage non-English-speaking authors to have their abstracts checked for grammar and spelling prior to submission;
      2. Abstracts should be submitted in a word processing file (NOT PDF), Arial font full justified, 10 point type;
      3. Abstract title centered, uppercased and boldfaced
      4. Abstract’s body text should be no more than 700 words;
      5. Body text must include introduction, goals, methods, results and conclusion. Abstract should not have figures, tables nor references;
      6. The maximum number of authors is FIVE. Names should be written in full with no abbreviations and separated by semicolons. Please proof your co-authors’ names carefully;
      7. Please follow the template abstract in the needed format;
      8. Authors’ names should be followed by the superscript number that corresponds to their affiliation;
      9. Authors’ affiliation should be written in italics as well as a maximum of three key-words.


  1. Presentation format


  • The presentation format at the VI ISVS will be oral or poster. After submission, abstracts will be made available to the reviewers for blinded review and scoring, and final decisions will be made by the Program Committee in late-October 2018.
  • Thirty abstracts will be selected to be presented in the event. The best eight scored will be presented in the oral format. Papers should be presented in English and the author will have 20 minutes for presentation.
  • The other 22 selected abstracts should be presented as posters. Poster dimensions are: 0.90 m width x 1.20 m height; the poster should be finished with a rope, since they will be arranged on the wall and authors will not be allowed to glue or nail them, just hang.
  • Model:  Template for Abstract Submission_VI_ISVS