Welcome to the CPGCV!

The general aim of the course:

Training and development of teachers, researchers and professionals in the areas of Veterinary Parasitology and Animal Health, as well as, the association of those professionals with other fields in Veterinary Science.


The Master’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology was created in 1965, restructured as the Postgraduate course in Veterinary Medicine – Veterinary Parasitology in 1972 and accredited by the CFE in 1975. Subsequently, in 1977 the course began to offer the  possibility of undertaking a doctoral degree. In 2001, the course opened a new concentration area in Animal Health and modified the name to The Postgraduate Course in Veterinary Science. Since 2013, the CPGCV  has activites within a single area of concentration: Veterinary Science. In the last two triennial assessments (2007-2009 and 2010-2012), the course was rated as 5 out of  7 by the Coordination for the improvement of Higher Education Personnel-CAPES.

Degrees offered:

Masters:       Didactic regimen

Doctorate:    Didactic regimen


Coordinator: Professor Fabio Barbour Scott

Vice-Coordinator: Professor Carlos Wilson Gomes Lopes

Administrative Secretary: Arthur Santiago Junior