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The Laboratory of Basic and Behavioral Neuroendocrinology is run by the Dr. Luís Carlos Reis (Full Professor) and Dr. André de Souza Mecawi (Associate Professor) with the main aim to study the neuroendocrine control of behavioral and physiological responses due to challenges in extracellular body fluid osmolality and volume. In this context, on the past years, we have spent more attention to the Serotoninergic, Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone, Sexual Steroids and Neurohypophyseal Systems and its effects on behavioral, hydromineral and cardiovascular responses. The main feature of our research group is the integration of molecular, physiologic, behavioral and pharmacological methods and tools, in order to answer complex questions related to mammalian physiology and physiopatology. The main research lines that we are developed at the moment are: 1) Neuroendocrine and behavioral control of hydromineral and cardiovascular balance; 2) Perinatal programming of thirst and sodium appetite; and 3) Study of cognitive changes related to disturbances in body water and sodium balance.


Dr. André de Souza Mecawi is Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ, 2008), Master and Ph.D. in Physiology from University of São Paulo (USP, 2012) and Postdoctoral trainee at University of Bristol (UK, 2014).


Dr. Luís Carlos Reis is Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ, 1976), Master in Physiology from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP, 1983), Ph.D. in Physiology from University of São Paulo (USP, 1993) and Postdoctoral trainee at the Institute of Medical Investigation Mercedes y Martín Ferreyra – INIMEC-CONICET (Cordoba, Argentina).



Dr. Sabrina Graziani Veloso Dutra – Post-Doctorate

Dr. Lilia Urzedo Rodrigues – Post-Doctorate

Dr. Claudio da Silva Almeida – Post-Doctorate

Dr. Luciana Barg Kuntze – Post-Doctorate

Bruno Paes Leme Ferreira – Doctorate Student

Raoni Santos da Silva – Doctorate Student

Lívia da Rocha Natalino Monteiro – Doctorate Student

Verônica Cristina Lopes Menezes – Doctorate Student

Iracema Gomes de Araújo – Doctorate Student

Renata Novais Carvalho – Doctorate Student

Viviane Felintro de Souza – Master Student

Karolyne Silva Magalhães – Undergraduate Student

Evandro Valentim de Lima – Undergraduate Student

Quézia Sanches Rodrigues Carbalan – Undergraduate Student

Welington Villela de Paula – Undergraduate Student




Dr. Alastair Ferguson – Queen’s University (Canada)

Dr. Andrea Godino – Institute Mercedes and Martín Ferreyra (Argentine)

Dr. Charlie Hindmarch – Queen’s University (Canada)

Dr. David Murphy – University of Bristol (England)

Dr. Hoe See Ziau – University of Malaya (Malaysia)

Dr. Laura Vivas – Institute Mercedes and Martín Ferreyra (Argentine)

Dr. Limei Zhang – National Autonomous Unviersity of Mexico (Mexico)



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